Green Cleaning

Green Cleaning

At RxCleanPros, we have the experience and knowledge to help your organization become an eco-friendly business that consumers/clients want to patronize and where employees want to work.

Thorough and Effective Cleaning Can Be Green

The ability of companies to “clean green” are more available today and more effective and more abundant than ever before. Low-phosphate detergents, recycled paper products and more offer businesses the ability to reduce the overall impact on the environment while making sure “clean standards” are maintained.

A Green Workplace Is Often Safer

Green cleaning techniques and products make for better air quality which makes a more comfortable and safer environment. Rx works with your team to provide solutions that help ensure superior cleaning and improved indoor air quality within your place of business which benefits employees and visitors. Employees are happier and absenteeism is often reduced when the environment in which they work is healthy.

RxCleanPros Uses Environmentally Friendly Products

Through the use of green, bio-based cleaners, non-toxic, and low-VOC emitting materials, RxCleanPros proves it’s committed to keeping your facility clean while reducing environmental pollutants. Many of our bio-based cleaners are 100 percent biodegradable and non-toxic. They contain no ozone depleting chemicals and do not appear on any federal list of hazardous chemicals. RxCleanPros will help minimize the exposure of your property to the effects of aggressive cleaners, lower overall operational costs and enhance property values.

Be Seen As An Eco-Friendly Company

Strategic business planning includes an eco-friendly business approach toward reaching their bottom line goals. Businesses who impress this upon their customers/clients through the implementation of green practices will gain a competitive advantage over those who don’t.