Corporate Cleaning Services

Corporate Offices

RxCleanPros works with each client to minimize disruption of an organization’s work flow while providing advice, training and implementation of “best practices” that ensure the ongoing consistency of a clean and controlled environment.

Employees are happier and absenteeism is often reduced when the environment in which they work is healthy. With this in mind we use only Eco-friendly cleaning products and methods for Corporate Cleaning. [learn more]

Corporate Cleaning Services

  • Empty trash receptacles

  • Dust furniture, picture frames, window sills and other horizontal surfaces

  • Clean partition glass and mirrors

  • Remove smudges and spills with damp sponge from walls and light switches

  • Clean and vacuum upholstery

  • Spot clean carpet, detail corners and hard to reach areas

  • Vacuum all carpeted areas

  • Properly position furniture

  • Restroom cleanup and sanitizing carpets

  • Floors

  • Windows

  • Waxing